STRONG MUSEUM Nostalgia Arcade

All images and videos support 360-degree exploration.


With the rapid urban development, the new replaces the old, many past memories and scenes in cities are disappearing. It is often difficult to choose between developing something new and keeping the old as much as possible to keep urban integrity. This is a dilemma faced by many cities and countries nowadays. STRONG MUSEUM Nostalgia Arcade is a space filled with many different old game consoles, mostly from the 1980s and 1990s, and back then you'd see A lot of similar halls where people were sweating and young, but now there's not much left. In this project I try to revitalized this place, bring the memories and scenes of city's past to the wider population.


How can I get the broader population interested in this place.


To make a 360-degree vidoe which can provide a vivid experience of this space for the public to better understand and encourage them engage in.


Timeline: 2 Weeks

Tools: Insta360 Studio, Insta360 Camera, Photoshop, Premiere, Whiteboard, Illustration, Notecards, Post-its, Pen and Paper.

Research Tools: User Research, Persona Creation, User Journey Map, User Flow, User Feedback.

Discovery & Research


I was fascinated by this place, there are many people and stories here. I can see the connection between people from different generations and different age group here. It seem this space can be a bridge which can provide a great adhesive between parents and kids and between old friends. And I think it would be perfect if I can present this place with 360-degree video, because it can provide immersive experience and first-person perspective, which can help public get more real-world experience about it and encourage them to engage in.

These game consoles carry the memory and experience of a generation, shared memories and experiences are a powerful bond that connects you to others. It connects not only your friends and your next generation, but your past and your future.

Time and space are lost and disordered here, where memories meet here, where adults find their childhood happiness again, as if they had never left, and where children look back into their parents' past.


Stuff also provide me a unique perspective of this place, she told me most interesting thing is that some adults come here as if they back to their childhood and acting like kids. Simple pleasures abound here.


I decide to set up Insta360 Camera at 5 viewing point of this place to provide a view as comprehensive as possible. During the video shooting process, I tried to put the camera in an unobtrusive position, but it obviously didn't work because the 360-degree camera was eye-catching, many passersby will be drawn to it.
After video was rendered, I found 5 people to view my 360-degree video and they all said it was an amazing experience, and at their suggestion, I added more introduction text to the video.

Watch the video less than 5 minutes
Enjoy this immersive space