Poster Project


The Syracuse Poster Project, founded in 2001, brings together community poets and artists to create an annual series of illustrated poetry posters. Its official website hasn't been redesigned in a long time, and the design language now seems a bit dated, so we want to redesign the website, rethink the structure of the website, consider what is most important and what the user want to get from, so we can better refine the overall experience.


Timeline: 1 Month

Team Members: Jiayu Kang, two other classmates.

My Role: Team leader, UX and Interaction Design, User Research, User Testing, webpage design.

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Invision, Lucid Chart, Whiteboard, Illustration, Notecards, Post-its, Pen and Paper, Html&Css&Javascript.

Research Tools: User Research, Persona Creation, User Journey Map, User Flow, Wire-framing, Paper Prototype, High Fidelity Prototype, Clickable Prototype, Make a Video.

Original Website

Redesigned Website


Newly designed website removeed many unnecessary elements and reprioritize the website structure, and we use large well-designed posters on the Home page in the hope of attracting the attention of potential buyers. And I also decide to added a new webpage called "The Best Poster Weekly" for this program, in that page user can vote their favorite poster and see which poster is most popular. I did this because it not only can help people have a sense of engagement, encourage them interacte with website, but also the most important is that it can create a environment in which people may recognized there are so many people love collecting posters. There still a lot of things we haven't done yet due to the limited time, the ultimate goal is to build a community in which like-minded people can have a sense of belonging.