Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. Even though there are many television public service advertisements and newspaper advertisements related to the marine plastic pollution. Most of the public still does not raise awareness of plastic pollution. The purpose of the project is to find a better way to educate and inform the public about the urgency of marine plastic issues and to evoke their love to the marine and angry about the pollution, then prompt them to act.


Most of people may feel that the marine plastic pollution is not bad enough and they feel that the problem is too far away from their own lives. But if we do nothing, marine plastic pollution will worsen. I want to find a unique way to arouse public to put great attention to the marine environment.


I want to design a campaign to evoke people's love to the marine and angry to the pollution, then prompt them to act.


Timeline: 45 days

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Whiteboard, Illustration, Notecards, Post-its, Pen and Paper.

Research Tools: Comparative & Competitive Analysis, User Research, Persona Creation, Paper Prototype, High Fidelity Prototype.

Discovery & Research

Competition: Marine Plastic Pollution

First I try to find some existing campaign about marine plastic pollution and analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

Beach Cleans:

Plastic Free Communities:

An abstract representation of Marine pollution:

Target Group

There are three mainly group people who are teenagers, college students and large corporation company’s staff.

The worldviews and values of teenagers and college students are not fully formed. They are at a stage when they are most easily shaped. It will be effective to educate them about Marine plastic pollution at this stage.

Large corporation company’s staff hold most of the resources of society, and they have more influence in the society. Improving their awareness of Marine plastic pollution can have greatly help toward these issues we faced nowadays.

Prototyping and Testing

First Edition

After get lots of data and information from the internet, I decided to design two huge posters which will hang on both sides of a corridor, one side show the beautiful view of the ocean and another side present the ugly ocean polluted by the plastic waste, the reason I do this is to evoke strong emotional experiences.

No Plastic Pollution

More Plastic Pollution

Feedback and Redesign

According to information and feedbacks that I collected from the classmates and professors, I refined the poster and make more peripheral products.

Look What We Can Do

Look What We Have Done

No plastic cups

No plastic bottles

No plastic bags

Canvas bags and T-shirts




In the final prototyping edition, I put many real plastic garbages into the one side of the poster wish it will inspire more reflection among the public. In addition, I set up a table beside the poster and put a paper on it so people can freely write down their thoughts.


This project creates a strong contrast scene that people can rethink their relationship with the ocean. I want people to realize that the connection between us and the ocean is far more complex than we think. The decisions we make, the lifestyle we live, the goods we consume will have a profound influence to the future of the ocean, maybe it is time to do some changes for the benefits of next generation and the creatures live in this planet, even just a little.