Green Lakes State Park
AR Brochure


Scan the QR Code
Watch state park videos
View 3D animal models
View 3D Park map


This thin brochure not only can watch the video of state park, but also can view the 3D animal models and the three dimensional park map. The brochure is basically a portable park portal website.

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This park is a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful lakes and forests. The scenery is amazing. But like most parks, it is not well known due to the lack of effective publicity and introduction. I would like to make such a beautiful place known to the public further by using the augmented reality.


Although Green Lakes State Park is the best park near the Syracuse University, after interviewing some of the students, I found out that most of them hadn't even heard of the place.

- How to better promote this park without using a traditional way like brochure.

- How to fully display the beauty of the park.

- What is the most attarctive point in the park.


I will design a AR brochure which can introducing the park in a unique way, at same time I will use a drone to take video.


Timeline: 1 Month

Tools: 8th Wall, Drone, Photoshop, Notecards, Post-its, Pen and Paper.

Research Tools: User Research, User Journey Map, User Flow, Wire-framing, Paper Prototype, High Fidelity Prototype, Make a Video.

AR introductory video

Green Lakes park video

AR Operation Instructions

We have clear AR operation instructions beside the QR code, and special outlines were added in the area where AR experience could be triggered, so that first-time users could better understand how to use it.